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Clean lines, brimming with character

Create a kitchen defined by sleek lines and rich colours that catch the light beautifully. Inspired by Italian design, the neoLodge’s intelligent details, such as side-fitted ovens or display units in manganese bronze, give you the ultimate in ergonomic elegance.

The neoLodge’s matte lacquered veneer goes around the edges for a uniform look. Its MatrixArt One option gives you a single handle trim profile below the worktop, which can be illuminated for that dramatic touch. And you can combine with the MatrixZero for push-to-open fronts that make your kitchen as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at.

Stunning on its own, or alongside other nolte kitchen ranges, you can see neoLODGE for yourself at almost all of our UK showrooms. Use our search tool to find your closest one.

Vertically aligned grooves

neoLODGE is defined by its grooved veneer fronts that bring aesthetic appeal to every space. Available in two captivating finishes:

Oak Diamond

Blackened Oak

Every part a work of art


The neoBOX drawer and pull-out system brings exquisite design to the cabinet interior. The narrow side frame appeals for its simple elegance, and the anthracite finish harmonises perfectly with the kitchen’s other high-quality materials.

The neoBOX is also practical: an extra-tall side profile is fitted on deep pull-outs in a height of 450 mm, and integrated, rechargeable lights illuminate whilst providing that extra level of luxury.

Exclusive, designer fronts

Stone veneer to mirrored glass, with nolteneo you access a range of exclusive fronts that visually enhance turn a nolteneo kitchen into something very special.

  • neoMIRROR
  • neoGRID
  • neoLOFT

MatrixArt ONE

MatrixArt ONE is the design-focused, handleless kitchen: just one single handle trim profile below the worktop creates a particularly neat-looking, graphic style.


MatrixZERO lets you dispense with handles and handle trim profiles, leaving cabinet fronts with a look that speaks purism in its very true sense.

Shadow Reveal

A shadow reveal between front and side panel creates a completely new contour, making a stylish designer element in every kitchen block

Make a statement with Neolodge

Sculptural, creative, unforgettable. Our expert kitchen designers will help you create a nolteneo kitchen that’s elevated, sophisticated and individual to you. Download a brochure for more information, or visit your local showroom for a no-obligation design consultation.

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